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Compost – Landscaper in Pretoria

Compost or Fertiliser is the end result of organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled. The decomposition process can take between a few weeks and a couple of months. This process can be helped on by keeping the organic matter wet and making sure enough air passes through. Our Justgreen Landscapers in Pretoria only makes use of the best quality compost on the market from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. With many years’ experience in the landscaping industry we will provide you with accurate advice about the different types of fertiliser and determine the correct fertiliser for your garden.

Benefits of Fertiliser

  • Encourages healthy plant growth
  • Enriches soil
  • Improves drainage

Fertiliser we supply

  • Mix 2- Compost and composted manure mix
  • Mushroom compost
  • Manure(Sifted)

Your professional landscaper in Pretoria will make use of a special mushroom compost Mix 3 and Enhancer S giving your plants the feeding they need. Enhancer S looks like a rabbit pellet and functions like a tea bag , when wet it penetrates and when dry retracts back into the pellet format slowly feeding your greenery organically. Our green Enhancer S is cost effective and the best solution for your green landscape.


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